Connect to your courage.

Own your power.

Step into your leadership.

These are challenging times for our communities. And they call for the type of leadership, strategies and vision you have to offer.
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It takes a special kind of courage to lead, given the odds you are facing. Discover how you can turn your courage into a conscious leadership system and:

  • Stay on track and move towards your purpose in the midst of chaos
  • Gain greater confidence and get that imposter syndrome off of your back
  • Lead from a place of inspiration and joy, even in the face of the most difficult challenges
  • Center your self-care and your needs
  • Act boldly and innovatively and fail forward when things don’t go as planned
  • Create a center of gravitational force that will attract the people you need to achieve your leadership vision
  • Achieve more impact than you ever dreamed of with less effort
  • Connect to other leaders who are hungry to build together

If this speaks to you, then come to join us!

Eveline Shen

Hi, I’m Eveline Shen.

I work with women, non-binary and trans leaders of color to fuel their superpowers and become the vibrant, authentic, and bold leaders they are meant to be, using the Courageous Operating System.

Because in these dangerous political times, connecting to your courage in a systematic way is the most effective means of stepping into your full power and amplifying your leadership.

We do that through Courageous Operating System coaching and experiential workshops that bring together leaders from across the country who are hungry to grow and build together.

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Keep reading to learn more about Eveline’s approach and impact, and the framework she created just for leaders like you.

Ev has been a lifeline for me — to able to call her up and say ‘I’m struggling.’ She is a gracious, amazing powerful, grounded, experienced, humble, compassionate leader who holds a vision of what we can all become with the ability to lay the foundational stones to help us get there. She brings that calming fierceness to everything that is reproductive justice, women, families LGBTQA … a wholeness of community.

Corrine Sanchez, Executive Director, Tewa Women United

Ev is a mentor, leader, educator, movement builder, and somebody who negotiates movement spaces with grace and kindness. I’m proud to have been under her tutelage in my formative years.

Shanelle Mathews, Communications Director, Movement for Black Lives

The Courageous Operating System

Clear Purpose, Courage, Creative Momentum, Conditions For Success

I designed the COS out of love for the leaders who are doing the hard work day in and day out, making the kind of change our communities need. I have experienced the daily doses of racism, sexism, and homophobia as well as the isolation, the never ending sprint and self doubt that can undermine our leadership.

This system helps leaders connect to their courage, stay true to their purpose and values, and leverage their unique set of strengths as they step into their power and amplify their impact. The Courageous Operating System helps leaders navigate through challenging situations and achieve a meaningful, sustainable, and impactful life while making deep change on the individual, community and movement levels.

Ev’s coaching…helped me prepare to lead my organization, and not just lead it in an ‘I am responsible’ way, but in an ‘I know we can do it differently’ way. This ultimately led to a very different board that was majority women of color, having been majority white-led and it provided critical support for me to believe in myself and know that I have a right to take up that space. 

Wendy Chun Hoon, Director of the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor

Signature Trainings

Connecting to Your Leadership

Eveline’s customized interactive virtual workshops are designed to help leaders connect to their courage and purpose while building community. These unique trainings incorporate small group discussions, mind-body practice, and music.

Stepping Into Power

In 2014, Eveline and Forward Together started Stepping Into Power for BIWOC, non-binary and trans leaders of color in the Reproductive and Social Justice Movements. Since then, she has trained hundreds of social change leaders across the country and the Global South.

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It’s a hard time in this world and its was so helpful to have this space that Ev created.  Ev’s facilitation and trainings are so amazing! We were able to build in a deep way with other folks and deepen our understanding of leadership, purpose, and how to deal with conflict.  Its hard to find a space like this in philanthropy.  I had many aha moments and am transformed by this experience!

Kiyomi Fujikawa, Co-Director, Third Wave Foundation

Forthcoming Book

Courageous Leadership: Helping BIPOC Leaders Step Into Their Power is the rare book that seeks to not only acknowledge the systemic oppression that these leaders face, but to provide clear operating principles on how to navigate through any challenge, be it an organizational conflict or launching a strategic initiative. Courageous Leadership presents a pathway for leaders to create conditions for overcoming their challenges while drawing upon their courage, remaining clear eyed about what success looks like and be able to leverage mistakes and failures so that they remain on mission while using the leadership style that is best suited for them.

She has always taught me to think about not just the present, but the long term, and to envision what is possible, to dream about what is possible for our communities.

Rocio Cordoba, Executive Director, Funders For Reproductive Equity

About Eveline

Eveline Shen is an award-winning leader and principal at Leading Courageously where she supports BIPOC women, trans and non-binary leaders to step into their power. She recently left Forward Together, where she was the Executive for 22 years. Since Eveline’s leadership began in 1999, Forward Together has become widely recognized for its innovative leadership role in the Reproductive Justice Movement. Eveline has created numerous experiential trainings which has engaged hundreds of BIPOC leaders domestically and globally. She has a forthcoming book on the Courageous Operating System, a framework she developed to help leaders of color face challenging situations with courage, confidence and strength.

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